Muharram 2015

Muharram is nationwide festival that embarks the beginning of the New Year in the Islamic religion.

Muharram 2015 Date: When is Muharram?

Muharram 2013 begins in the evening of Sunday, November 3 and ends in the evening of Tuesday, December 3.
Muharram 2014 begins in the evening of Friday, October 24 and ends in the evening of Sunday, November 23.
Muharram 2015 begins in the evening of Tuesday, October 13 and ends in the evening of Thursday, November 12.

History of Muharram

Both Shia and Sunni of the Muslim religion celebrate the 10 day of the Muharram. Shia consider this day as the day of the mourning, because on this very day, the grandson of the Prophet Mohammed, Imman Hussain, died during carnage in the Karbala. In the war of Karbala many supporters of Imman Hussain died including himself. It is said that his six year old som also dies in this war. Imman Hussain is said to be died on the 9th, 10th and 11th day and in the year in which he died was 680 CE.

One another thing, which makes this day special, is that, on the very 10th day of Muharram, god created the Adam and Eve.

One another story related this day with the Egyptian Pharaoh. It is said that, during this day only, Egyptian Pharaoh and his soldier were drowned in to the red sea. So this is how this day got its significance.

How people celebrated the Muharram

The first day of the Muharram is a gazette holiday and all the private and government offices are closed on this day.  Some people go out for the dinner with their relatives and friends.

For people who follow the Islamic religion, celebrate this day. But not all groups of Muslim religion celebrate this day as for some this day is day of mourning as the incident of karbala took place.

On the other some people keep fast in the day light on the 9th to 11th day of the Muharram. They go to the mosques for praying and offer their prayers to the good. Shia people beat themselves with sticks to replicate the suffering that Imman Hussain would have suffered when he died. Giving food to the poor people is also a common practice during this day. In many parts people blast crackers to mark the beginning of this New Year.

In the Kerala state people paint their bodies just like that of tiger body and they dance on the street and mimic as same as that of tiger. This is a totally different practice that is being used in this state. So this event is must to watch and it is a good site and worth seeing. The dance performed by the man is highly energetic.

Special prayers are organize in mosques present in the entire country.